5 reasons to see Come From Away

Posted on 10 September 2021

The story was always going to pull on people’s emotions. A real-life story of human survival, love, and connection – the best of times in amongst the worst of times. Asking why you should see Come From Away is like asking why you need to breathe: you just have to. Below are five of many reasons to see this phenomenal show.

1. It is a real story.

The characters and situations in the show actually happened. In among the terror of the 9/11 attacks people came together to offer support and friendship to those who found themselves displaced when the American airspace closed.

2. A sense of connection

Sat in J8 in the stalls at the Phoenix Theatre I was not alone. Not only was the house full of other theatre-goers but I was connected to those across the world who had experienced the show and, more poignantly, to those who experienced the event. A community was born that day 20 years ago. The residents and the plane people still share a bond that has spread throughout the world through the musical. The real Nick and Diane even liked my tweets about the show, showing those five days affected them and became part of their DNA.

3. Pay it forward

Kevin T says at the end of the show that on the anniversary of 9/11 he gives his employees $100 to do a random act of kindness for others. Come From Away has taken this up and, for the 20th anniversary, are taking part. A random act of kindness for a friend or stranger is an extension of the generosity shown by the residents of Newfoundland.

4. The writing

The book, music and lyrics of the show are superbly done.  Irene Sankoff and David Hein have expertly crafted a show that tells the story of 16,000 people using 12 actors and a few wooden chairs. It is a masterclass in storytelling.

5. It’s a live show

Now, this point can be made about all the shows (I know), but after a year or so of closures and travel restrictions, this is THE show that you should see first. It is uplifting, heartwarming and welcoming. There are not enough superlatives to express the joy of Come From Away so make sure you put it at the top of your list.

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Harrison Fuller

By Harrison Fuller

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