5 reasons why you should see The Choir of Man

Posted on 23 May 2023

Music is the language that unites us, that, and a pint at the pub after work! The Jungle is The Choir of Man's resident inn, and it's far from your typical boozer. There are no dim lights, sticky floors, or questionable off-brand liquors. Here, the delightfully unexpected is as refreshing as any chilled ale.

Nine thirsty patrons eagerly await you at the bar for an unforgettable experience. Each one is ready to take your order while sharing extraordinary tales and soaring symphonies. The night has only just begun, so choose a table and your drink of choice. Here are five reasons why you should see The Choir of Man. Cheers!

1. The songs are for everyone 

From the carefree spirit of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" to the soul-stirring tenderness of Adele's "Hello," The Choir of Man's 90-minute tracklist is like a specials blackboard on a cosy winter's night, meticulously crafted with love.

Brimming with hits from iconic artists like Queen, Luther Vandross, Sia, Paul Simon, Guns & Roses, and Avicii, the show ingeniously employs new orchestrations and arrangements, breathing vibrant life into chart-toppers such as "500 Miles" and "Chandelier." With an abundance of infinite energy, the contemporary song choices and dynamic vocal arrangements instantly immerse you in a fantastical rhythm, and with a show titled The Choir of Man, the singing is bound to be nothing short of phenomenal!

2. It’s completely immersive 

The bar is fully stocked, the glasses gleaming, and as soon as the pub doors swing open, a delightful surprise awaits; a complimentary packet of crisps and a pint, courtesy of the house! This is just one of the numerous ways The Choir of Man effortlessly breaks down the barrier between performers and the audience.

The cast members play a vital role in creating an authentic atmosphere while ensuring that the audience feels like an integral part of the show. They skillfully interact with the crowd, engaging in playful banter, captivating storytelling, and even extending invitations to join them on stage for a drink.

In a seamless fusion of immersive theatre and traditional performance, spectators may be whisked away from their seats and find themselves standing behind the bar, or rather, on the stage itself, where drinks flow generously. This interactive energy continues throughout the entire show, and you may even have the extraordinary experience of being serenaded by one of the actors on stage - what a way to finish an unforgettable evening. Taxi!

3. The characters have stories to tell

Forget hiring a local band from a Facebook ad, this production showcases nine pub-goers turned musical masterminds, who are a celebration of the unique individuals you'd likely encounter down at the pub. 

They embody exactly what you would expect - the personalities that they are named after. The Joker will keep you laughing all night long, The Romantic will tirelessly search dating apps for love, and The Barman will happily refill your drink, but they all share the same motive - to offer a place of companionship and comfort. Through personalised monologues tailored to each personality, an intimate connection is forged, one that reinforces the idea of the pub being a community.

Moreover, their impressive creative abilities are showcased in full glory. Searching for a breathtaking tap dance routine across the bar? Look no further. Need a heartfelt poem preceding a full-choir rendition of a classic pop hit? They've got you covered!

The cast includes Michael Baxter as The Maestro, Matt Beveridge as The Romantic. Owen Bolton as The Beast, Matt Thorpe as The Joker, Levi Tyrell Johnson as The Hard Man, Mark Irwin as The Barman, Matt Nalton as The Pub Bore, Conor Hanley as The Poet, and Jordan Oliver as The Handyman. 

4. The set design is next level

The scenic design by Oli Townsend is a masterpiece of intricate detail that creates an authentic pub atmosphere. Every element of the set design has been created to replicate the look and ambience of a traditional pub, you can smell the beer-soaked mats from here!

Aged wood materials and vintage fixtures contribute to the overall authenticity of the set design, along with pub memorabilia and signage to enhance the pub's atmosphere.

The fully functional bar stands proudly as the centrepiece of the stage. Its construction is remarkable, with attention to detail evident in the precise positioning of taps, well-stocked shelves, signage, and functional beer pumps. The level of authenticity gives off the aura of a genuine working pub and a sense of imagination and curiosity - who came before us? What stories have been told, and more importantly…who wants another drink?

5. It shows a different type of masculinity

Toxic masculinity, you’re barred! The Choir of Man subtly challenges conventional notions of masculinity by creating a safe and inclusive space where emotions can be openly expressed, and themes like the impact of COVID-19, heartbreak, and loss can be sensitively explored.

It has an emotional and sincere core, one that places great emphasis on the significance of human connection, the freedom to express emotions, and the celebration of the full range of human experiences. By openly expressing emotions such as love, sadness, and joy, the production shows that boys can cry as much as they like - and can sing and dance until their heart's content!

The Choir of Man tickets are available now! 

Is it the best boozer in the world? Find out for yourself! 

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