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    Do you know these 7 Aladdin songs?

    You may think you’re ‘one jump ahead of the breadline’ when it comes to our Prince Ali Ababwa, but if you happen to know all seven of these Aladdin songs, then you’re truly an Aladdin fan worthy of 75 golden camels, 53 purple peacocks and 95 white Persian monkeys! ‘Adjust your veil and prepare’ to see how well that you fare in your Aladdin trivia.

    Do you know these 7 Aladdin songs?

    Pictured: A modern Arabian bromance between Babkar, Omar, Aladdin and Kassim

    The 2011 Aladdin musical, which officially premiered on Broadway in 2014 and in the West End in 2016, retains the film’s original songs plus many more, including three originally written for the film by Howard Ashman but later scrapped and four new songs written by Alan Menken and Chad Beguelin. If you are a fan of the animated film but have not yet seen the musical, then these seven Aladdin songs may be entirely new to you.

    Proud of Your Boy
    The first on our list is a number that was originally written by Howard Ashman for the 1992 film. The song was eventually cut due to a change in the film’s storyline and was also deemed too sad amidst the many otherwise uplifting tunes. “Proud of Your Boy” was originally supposed to run after “One Jump Ahead” and is essentially Aladdin’s manifesto to make things right. Luckily, the song was reinstated into the story for the stage musical and appears to meld perfectly well, offering a dimension of Aladdin that we don’t get to see in the cartoon.

    Key Lyrics: “I'll do my best, what else can I do? / Since I wasn't born perfect like Dad or you / Mom, I will try to Try hard to make you / Proud of your boy.

    These Palace Walls
    This number, written by Begeulin particularly for the stage musical, serves as a companion to “Proud of Your Boy.” Jasmine sings her frustrations about the imminent arranged marriage that awaits her to her handmaidens.

    Key Lyrics: “Suitors talk of love but it's an act / Merely meant to throw me / How could someone love me when in fact / They don't know me

    Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim
    Are you wondering why Abu isn’t monkeying around onstage? Well, this song makes it clear that he’s been booted from Agrabah, but in his place we get three additional characters! The title is self-explanatory, as it was written to introduce Aladdin’s fellow street-rat friends. The trio were originally cut from the film due to too many characters but have resurfaced for the stage musical in a slightly altered plot that shows how the film was once intended to be seen.

    Key Lyrics: “True friends, no phonies / Me and my cronies / Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim! / Four bums, none better / Not one go-getter / Unmotivated in the extreme!

    A Million Miles Away
    This whole new addition to the world of Aladdin was written by Begeulin for the musical. Long before the magic carpet ride in “A Whole New World,” this duet brings a lot more depth to the budding romance between star-crossed lovers Aladdin and Jasmine as they share their unhappiness and develop a close bond.

    Key Lyrics: Aladdin:Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take off and never look back?Jasmine:Only every hour of every day.”

    Diamond in the Rough
    This unique number written by Beguelin for the stage is sung by Jafar, Iago and Aladdin as they journey to the Cave of Wonders. The song offers a cinematic experience on a grand scale that features spectacular split-screen special effects that have helped take this production to a whole new level never before seen in a musical adapted from a Disney film!

    Key Lyrics: “You have the profile of a prince / With a physique that matches / Beneath the dirt and patches / You are a diamond in the rough

    High Adventure
    Another Ashman number deleted from the film, this number sees Aladdin’s pals band together to storm the palace. Street rats to the rescue!

    Key Lyrics: Aladdin:Fate blows her kiss / Winks her eye / Plots her scheme / Plots it for Babkak, Omar, and Kassim

    Somebody’s Got Your Back
    This Beguelin-penned number for the musical sees Genie grant a new wish of Aladdin’s that differs from the second wish granted in the film.

    Key Lyrics: “Without Genie, we don't stand a chance! Ooooooh! This is the start of a fine bromance!”

    So, how did you fare? If you recognized 6-7 of these songs, you’re the Sultan of Agrabah! If you knew 3-5, you’re a diamond in the rough that needs a bit more polishing. If you only knew 1-2, then you’re a street rat! If you knew none of these songs, you better hope you find that genie lamp!

    Aladdin is now playing at the Prince Edward Theatre and booking until 9 February 2019. Now that you know some lyrics to these magical songs, book your tickets to see Aladdin and get ready to sing along (in your head of course, not out loud)!

    Purchase your tickets to Aladdin here.

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