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    Everything you need to know about Divine Proportions

    Unleash your inner Greek god or goddess and dine like a deity with this all-new, theatrical dining experience. With the show set to premiere next week, we are bringing you everything you need to know about Divine Proportions.

    What is Divine Proportions about?
    Blurring the lines between feast and fantasy, Divine Proportions is an interactive reimagining of the Roman Bacchic rites, a night of self-indulgence, food, drinks and wild dancing. No pre-theatre dining is required to see Divine Proportions as you’ll be treated like a god and fed a five-course feast fit for a king! The immersive dining experience is also based on the Greek god of wine, merriment and mischief, Dionysus, who will serve as your host throughout the evening. You’ll be taken on an immersive journey through a labyrinth of secret tunnels, encountering the many personalities of ancient Greek myths on the way. Feast your eyes on the erotic visuals of the Priestesses as they explore a night full of sin, pleasure, sensuality, beauty, gender-bending and sexual desire, then end your experience with an all-night after-party in The Underworld.

    Everything you need to know about Divine Proportions

    What’s on the menu?
    Each course in this five-course meal has its own special theme. The first course, rightfully named the Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia, is a platter of abundance featuring all the hors d'oeuvres you could ever hope to gorge yourself with. The second course, Zeus, is a delicious seaweed salad with pink sea bass ceviche straight from the oceans of Poseidon. Next on the menu is the main course and star of the show, Dionysus, which features an eclectic selection of vegetables, carmel potatoes, roast guinea fowl breast and more. Wash down the third course with a drink of your choice brought to you by Hermes then finish your meal off right with a decadent and delectable dessert from Hera, wife of Zeus.

    Who is starring?
    The cast for Divine Proportions is made up of some of the most prominent names in cabaret and contemporary theatre, including Helen White (former Roundhouse Resident Artist) and Leah Kirby (East 15 Acting School graduate), both of whom will share the role of Dionysus. Also starring in the show are cabaret artist Molly Beth Morossa as Aphrodite and award-nominated showgirl Charlie Bouquett as Persephone. The cast is completed by Rosy Pendlebury, Dajana Trtanj, Alana Bloom and Porscha Bennett-Skepple who portray The Maenads.

    Where is it playing?
    Following the closing of Sounds and Sorcery: Celebrating Disney Fantasia on 15 September, Divine Proportions will run at The Vaults, a venue located deep below the streets of London that houses immersive theatre and alternative arts.

    When is it playing?
    Divine Proportions 
    opens on 19 September 2018 and is booking until Halloween night on 31 October 2018.

    Who is behind the show?
    Divine Proportions is brought to you by Shotgun Carousel, a female-led production company who specialise in bespoke, large-scale performances, hand-made puppetry and dazzling effects all across the UK. The show’s creatives include production by immersive party creator Laura Drake Chambers, design by immersive theater expert Samuel Wyer (Alice Underground), and direction by Celine Lowenthal, co-founder and director of Pecs: The Drag King Collective.

    Why should I go see Divine Proportions?
    Just by looking at the menu you’re probably already salivating, but Divine Proportions is more than just a feast. It’s a chance to enter the world of Ancient Greece and experience Greek myth like you’ve never seen or read it before. If you’re keen on seeing your favourite classical world of yore spring to life in an erotic new context and party like it’s the year 99 CE, then Divine Proportions is exactly your cup of tea.

    Wine, dine and celebrate life like the Gods and Goddesses you are with an evening of Divine Proportions. Book now and make it a night you'll never forget!

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