Interview with The Great British Bake Off Musical's Scott Paige

Posted on 29 December 2022

You might think you've had your fill of sweet treats over the holidays, but we've got a holiday showstopper that you're sure to want to sink your teeth into. We caught up with Scott Paige from The Great British Bake Off Musical ahead of our Winter Spectacular! So, grab a sweet treat and a cup of cheer and read on!

1. How do you get yourself ready to step on stage? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I usually eat carbs and listen to Celine Dion, they’re the only two things that really calm my nerves. 

2. What do you think is a hidden gem in the show?

They’re so many! The show is FILLED with sensational hidden gems, I don’t want to give any away though you’ll have to see for yourself, but you do get to see John Owen-Jones slapping some dough live on stage while belting a very high note…I mean what more can a person want?

3. What's your favourite Christmas song?

“I Believe in Father Christmas" by Greg Lake; It’s so nostalgic to me, as soon as I hear it I crave a mince pie and a pint of Baileys. 

4. How would you spend a spectacular snow day?

Eating mince pies and drinking a pint of Baileys! While watching Home Alone 2 with my dog and a packet of Rennies.

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Sarah Gengenbach

By Sarah Gengenbach

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