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    London Theatre Review: The Son at Duke of York's Theatre

    'He's a teenager, it's only a phase, it will pass'

    Laurie Kynaston excels in what is, let's not make any bones about it, a difficult character to portray. There is a thread of mental illness that runs through this piece and it makes for uncomfortable, but nonetheless compelling viewing. The Son stirs the deep-rooted thoughts that we do not necessarily want to recognise, in ourselves and in others.

    London Theatre Review: The Son at Duke of York's Theatre
    We are family, aren't we? Amanda Abbington, Laurie Kynaston and John Light in Florian Zeller's The Son.

    Nicholas is struggling to cope with his parents' divorce.  Going through all of the cliché behaviour patterns, lying, lethargy, laziness and cutting school along with cutting himself and self-harming. A fresh start is needed and he decides to move in with his father into the new but perhaps not so improved family home. Something is itching at him, he cannot settle.  Maybe moving back in with his mum might be a fresh, fresh start?

    Amanda Abbington shines her light as mum Anne in a poignant manner, what more can she do? John Light as dad Pierre does little to ease the situation as his frustration is almost tangible.  Most of the heavy lifting has been carried out by Pierre and lots of threads are interwoven in this deeply sensitive play, his relationship with his father, his relationship with his new wife (a solid pair of hands in Amaka Okafor) and most importantly, his relationship with his deeply disturbed son. Nicholas does his best to try to explain how he is feeling "I am too sensitive for this world".

    The Son is a show that will resonate long after you have left the Duke of York’s Theatre. I would highly recommend catching it before it goes.

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    Florian Zeller’s The Son is booking at London’s Duke of York’s Theatre through 2 November 2019. Tickets are going quickly so book now to get tickets for under £20!

    Kay Johal

    Kay particularly enjoys musicals and has a passion for writing.

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