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    Meeting Waitress’ Joe-gie; A Q&A

    It’s safe to say that Waitress tickets are still hotter than fresh pie just out of the oven here in the West End! The romantic musical comedy is the kind of show that keeps you going back for second helpings. Just this week saw a cast change to the line up at the hit show, seeing Tamlyn Henderson, Cindy Belliot and Joe Sugg start their shifts at the diner. Joe Sugg has taken the role of Ogie over from Blake Harrison and that’s an excuse for extra pie if one was ever needed.

    Today Joe was kind enough to meet us in the diner on stage at the Adelphi Theatre, where Waitress is currently booking until 4 January 2020, for a pie and a chat. Read below to see what pie from the show Joe really wants to try and all about his first week in his West End debut.

    Meeting Waitress’ Joe-gie; A Q&A
    Joe Sugg at the Adelphi Theatre in the West End's smash hit Waitress

    Q&A with Joe Sugg

    1. You’ve got a lot of success under your belt, 27million followers across all social channels, author of a graphic novel, etc, was musical theatre always something you wanted to add to your CV?
    Joe: I feel like maybe deep down inside me, there’s always been that idea that I love to perform. I think from what I did this time last year, with the whole dancing thing, I think that helped bring it out. As a kid, me and my sister used to always put on plays for our friends or our family. We’ve got a loft full of old videotapes, of little productions we made ourselves. We made our own films and radio shows, and stuff like that. So, there’s always been that underlying thing within us of wanting to perform. I think I’ve just gone down that route now where I’m sort of really getting into it and finally starting to do stuff like that, which I think is terrifying but it’s so fun. I’m so glad that I’m now doing it.

    2. Last year you took the stage for Strictly Come Dancing, do you feel that prepared you in any way for a role in a smash hit musical?
    J: Definitely! I think a year ago if I was asked to do this I would’ve been much more “thanks, but I don’t think I’m ready to put myself out there like that”. I think that [Strictly] definitely helped. You’ve got that crowd watching you perform and doing something you’re not used to doing as well. I’ve never danced before, until doing that show, but I’ve learned I pick things up really quick. So, I thought I’ve been given this opportunity and when I do get given opportunities, I like to throw myself into it 100%. I understand not to take it for granted and to make the most of it and enjoy it.

    3. Making your West End debut is a huge deal, how have you found it different to everything else you’ve done in your career, so far?
    J: All the stuff I’ve done before has been me on my own. With my whole Youtube stuff, its always been me, the only person involved. I’ve had friends that I’ve collaborated with, but my channels and my social media accounts are all managed by me. So, I’m very much used to being in control of that and putting out what I want. Whereas this, I’m just a small part of a bigger thing! I’ve got a team around me and other people, who are so talented, around me and I think that really helps. It’s nice to be part of something that is such a big and amazing production.

    4. Considering your vast credits, Youtube, travelogues, Strictly!, etc, do you find going on a West End stage to a live audience every night daunting?
    J: It’s scary – it’s terrifying! But when you get that first laugh or cheer it’s like the best feeling ever. It’s like gold dust! It’s something you don’t ever want to go. It really spurs you on and encourages you.

    5. The role of Ogie is beloved by Waitress fans and is, of course, a huge comedic character; do you find any similarities between yourself and Ogie?
    J: I would say so, yeah. We’re both a bit awkward. Nowadays I’m getting a bit less… actually no, that’s a lie. I still am a very awkward person. Especially when I’m around new people, I can get quite awkward and shy. And I think he [Ogie] is the same in that sense but he’s a very persistent person. I guess I can be too, especially career-wise if I want to try something new, I’ll put myself fully into it. I think he has things he can become obsessed with, like poetry, clog dancing – he’s got these weird little things he goes into and he tries really hard at it. I think that’s similar to me in the sense that I’ll find something I get really into. As a kid I loved animation and I got so into it that I started making my own little animation shows and so, I think we have that in common.

    6. There are lots of types of pie in the show, Mermaid Marshmallow, Peachy Peachy Keen Pie, Deep (Shit) Dish Blueberry Pie, etc, which one would you like to try the most?
    J: I would want to try the White Knuckle Cream Pie because that’s Ogie’s pie, that he orders (only on Wednesdays) and I would like to try that one. I imagine it wouldn’t taste very nice but then if Jenna’s made it, then it would taste nice. But I want to know what goes in a White Knuckle Cream Pie?!

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    Jade Ali

    A love for theatre stemmed from my love of literature and music, but the West End on my doorstep opened up a whole new appreciation and passion for all things stage-y

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