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    Q&A with Jodie Prenger from A Taste of Honey

    The beloved British Classic is making a long-awaited return to the West End this winter and it comes as a sweet relief after sixty years of absence. Tickets for A Taste of Honey are available now for its upcoming run at London’s Trafalgar Studios beginning 5 December 2019. Secure yours now and don’t risk waiting six decades for another revival!

    Ahead of this exciting return and following the recent UK tour that had critics and the public alike raving, we asked the one and only Jodie Prenger some burning questions, from her Nancy in Oliver! experience to why you need A Taste of Honey tickets. Read below to see what she had to say…

    Q&A with Jodie Prenger from A Taste of Honey
    Jodie Prenger stars in A Taste of Honey | © Marc Brenner

    A Taste of Honey star Jodie Prenger

    1. The West End is one of the biggest theatre platforms in the world – How do you feel about returning to a West End stage?
    Jodie: It’s like a Disney World for actors and actresses. There’s so much going on. It's deliciously alive and vibrant. Each time I’ve returned to the West End with a show, I just fall in love with it that little bit more. 

    2. A reprise of A Taste of Honey has been long-awaited – what has been the most exciting part of being involved in this anticipated revival?
    J: I knew day one in rehearsals this was going to be something rather remarkable. It had all the right ingredients... Shelagh Delaney’s masterpiece, a rehearsal room filled with such incomparable talent and vision, and genuine chemistry throughout the entire process. So, sixty years on, it’s truly exciting to bring such a collaborative piece back into the West End. 

    3. How did it feel to play such an iconic role as Nancy in such an iconic show as Oliver!? And is there another iconic (West End) role that you dream of playing?
    J: I’ve often been asked this question. I can say it was amazing, it was mind-blowing. But I honestly cannot find words to express how I felt on that opening night. Everything I’d always dreamed of? ...yes! And something I’ll always cherish. Looking into the future, who knows.  There’s so much out there. 

    4. A Taste of Honey was recently on tour in the UK where it received rave reviews; how do you think the West End run will be different from the tour?
    J: The only element is the spacing of the show that differs from venue to venue. Trafalgar Studios is a great space if you’ve not seen anything there before you must. I feel with A Taste of Honey, it will give audiences the experience of feeling like they are incorporated within the piece, which is rather exciting, this includes the live jazz band on stage creating a cinematic effect throughout the play. 

    5. You’re playing the role of Helen, who might be somewhat a controversial character? But what is it you like about her and what makes her tangible?
    J: Shelagh Delaney created these beautifully flawed characters. Some say controversial, I feel she is a woman of circumstance. I’ve found her one of the most glorious characters to play. But the most flawed always are.

    6. This piece takes a look at the female spirit in a post-war world; do you think these characters are relatable to a modern world audience?
    J: Totally. Female spirit has never dwindled. They are just as strong, as fierce as they have always been.  

    7. How is your relationship with Gemma Dobson (your onstage daughter, Jo) and the rest of the cast? Is there a real relationship that is used for your characters’ relationship?
    J: How long have you got? I could go on about these wonderful people all day long. I had the honour of presenting Gemma with her Stage Debut award. We got on like a house of fire then. And it's continued throughout our run.
    As with the rest of the talented bunch. It’s rare to get such chemistry throughout a company. It’s something that can’t always be achieved. But when it does, you can tell on stage. It really comes across to any person watching the production.

    8. Your acting career has seen you take to the stage and the television screens; would you say you have a preference for one over the other?
    J: There’s really no preference. They are so different in many ways. The only thing I enjoy more than anything is working alongside a creative happy company and crew.

    9. In just three words, why do you think people should come and see A Taste of Honey in the West End?
    J: Tenacious. Thrilling. Experience.

    A Taste of Honey comes to Trafalgar Studios on 5 December 2019 and will have performances running until 29 February 2020.

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    Jade Ali

    A love for theatre stemmed from my love of literature and music, but the West End on my doorstep opened up a whole new appreciation and passion for all things stage-y

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