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Bronco Billy Tickets

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Charing Cross TheatreLondon
A rollicking new musical comedy based on the original Clint Eastwood motion picture.
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Tickets for Bronco Billy are available now! 

A rollicking new musical comedy based on the original Clint Eastwood motion picture. Bronco Billy the stage adaptation is now playing at London’s Charing Cross Theatre! 

What is Bronco Billy about? 

It’s 1979, and life is tough for a group of romantic fast-drawing, trick-riding, disco-dancing Wild West roustabouts and their travelling show. However, things take an unexpected turn when Bronco Billy (leader of this rag-tag troupe) meets Antoinette Lilly, a determined Manhattan heiress on the run for her life. So begins a wild, zany ride in this thrillingly upbeat musical about love, reinvention, family and living your dream at Charing Cross Theatre.

About Bronco Billy the film, starring Clint Eastwood 

In 1980, Clint Eastwood directed and starred in the smash-hit film Bronco Billy. What is considered to be a masterpiece of American Western cinema, Eastwood’s film explores the story of Bronco Billy McCoy, an enigmatic and unconventional cowboy at the helm of the Wild West. Featuring adrenaline-pumping gunfights, breathtaking stunts, and an ensemble of eclectic misfits and societal cast-offs, the Bronco Billy film grossed 5 times its cost ($25 million), with Eastwood citing it as one of the most affable shoots of his career.

Bronco Billy tickets are available now!

Yee-haw! Don’t miss out on this adaptation of Clint Eastwood's phenomenal film playing at London’s Charing Cross Theatre, book your tickets now!

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