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    Top 8 death drops in the herstory of RuPaul's Drag Race

    Halleloo! So you've been chosen to lip-sync for your life and need to impress the judges. Your opponent's outfit is on fleek and not even your fabulous "sequins dress" can outshine that shady queen. But one thing's for certain: you need to upstage her somehow. What do you do? Why, a death-defying drop onto the dancefloor, hunty!

    The "death drop" has become the go-to stunt during a lip-sync battle on RuPaul's Drag Race. Introduced in season two by Shangela and later fine-tuned to perfection by Laganja Estranja in season six, this back-rolls-to-the-floor move is guaranteed to get you a "Shantay, you stay" if done right! Here is our bottom-to-top list of the 8 best death drops on RuPaul! 

    Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win!

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    Top 8 death drops in the herstory of RuPaul's Drag Race
    Courtney Act and Monét X Change are set to "death drop" at the Garrick Theatre this holiday season!

    Top 8 Drag Race death drops of all time (so far)

    8. Miss Fame
    Dressed in a babushka scarf, season 7's Miss Fame stunned with her gradual yet glamourous drop. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save her later in episode 9 when she lost a lip-sync battle to Pearl.

    7. Jiggly Caliente
    Can we call her Jiggly? In the first episode of season 4, Jiggly went head-to-head with Alisa Summers for a wildly entertaining lip-sync of "Toxic" by Britney Spears. Summers ended up sashaying away.

    6. Bob the Drag Queen
    Bob really knows how to drop it like its hot. In season 8, episode 9, the drag queen showed off her dropping chops in a music video shoot for RuPaul's new single "The Realness".

    5. Alyssa Edwards
    [*tongue pop!*] In a battle against Coco Montrese, Alyssa revealed her secret dance moves with a spinning, twirl, death split. Unfortunately, it was no match for Montrese's rapping skills in this neck-and-neck lip-sync.

    4. Joslyn Fox and Laganja Estranja
    RuPaul fans were in for a real treat on episode 8 of season 6 when a lip-sync of Pink's "Stupid Girls" delivered us a double death drop whammy. In the end, Laganja Estranja reigned supreme.

    3. Kennedy Davenport
    A breath-taking lip-sync of Katy Perry's "Roar" on season 7 saw Kennedy Davenport leap off stage into a jaw-dropping split, sending Katya home.

    2. Laganja Estranja
    Making the list twice is none other than seasoned death dropper Laganja Estranja, whose ultra-long legs really accentuated her season 6 entrance. The best death drops happen when you least expect it, okurrr! 

    1. Shangela
    Of course, our list is not complete without the death drop that started it all. On season 2, Shangela delivered a death drop that has Michelle Visage shook. The move has quickly become a staple for the show ever since.

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